There are some video games that just make an impression. Megaman II was one of those games for me - especially the music and sound design. I remember playing the game as a kid and finding the music so interesting and memorable, even before I started playing instruments. It also always reminded me of metal music transcribed to 4 bits. The gameplay was also somewhat difficult compared to some other games at the time, but still very fun and well designed. I even rented the game from blockbuster a few times before I owned it because I liked it so much.

I got my first guitar when I was 13, and naturally gravitated towards heavier guitar based music like metal, rock, etc. I learned to play by listening to cassettes and tunes from bands like Metallica, In Flames, Foo Fighters, Soil work, and lots of other heavy bands. Some years later in 2001, I had a week off from school and I decided I wanted to do a metal remake of the Megaman II OST. So I used my limited production knowledge, got a computer, and made it happen. I called the project “Megametal”. My good friend and fellow gamer TomBobBlender was good enough to create a video at the time showcasing the project, and I was humbled and overwhelmed by the response from people that wanted to buy the tunes from me. Ultimately, I ended up mailing out CDs to everyone that requested one and that experience was a huge part of why I decided to pursue a career in music & media production.

Fast Forward to 2019…I always wished I knew in 2001 what I know now about audio production. For many years I had planned to re-create the project with better and more accurate guitars, non-sequenced drums, and overall better production once I upgraded my studio. That upgrade happened last year, and so did the sequel to Metametal - Megametal II. This time, I went with digital distribution - the tunes are available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and most other major music platforms.

Megaman II Gameplay with Megametal II Music - Full Game

“Making Of” Megametal II